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Low Commission Real Estate Agents

Real estate commission rates can be a huge cost in selling your home. The average real estate commission percentage is 6%. The listing and buyersreal estate agent commission split is usually 3% each. Low commission real estate agents are beginning to show up everywhere. Their are agents offering to sell homes for 1% now. How […]

1 Percent Commission Realtor

The typical real estate commission is 6%. But real estate commissions are negotiable, how much commission a realtor makes is agreed upon at the listing of the real estate being sold. Low commission real estate agents typically sell houses for 1-3%. How to find a good real estate agent with a low commission rate and […]

Broker Assisted Flat Fee Real Estate Listing

Sell your property for less than a 3% commission rate with a flat fee real estate broker. Save thousands of dollars on commissions and sell your realty for its top value with the help of a broker. BENEFITS OF A BROKER ASSISTED FLAT FEE REAL ESTATE LISTING A flat fee real estate listing commonly known […]