The typical real estate commission is 6%. But real estate commissions are negotiable, how much commission a realtor makes is agreed upon at the listing of the real estate being sold.

Low commission real estate agents typically sell houses for 1-3%. How to find a good real estate agent with a low commission rate and quality service can be tricky and not all 1% commission realtors offer the same level of service.

Save Thousands on Real Estate Commissions with A 1% Realtor

Selling a house can be a very expensive with the use of the traditional agent charging 6% commission. In the U.S the average cost of selling a $200,000 property is $12,000, in real estate agent fees.

The typical 6% commission might be a little lower or higher depending on the local market. What makes real estate commissions so expensive is the home equity you lose paying your real estate agent to sell your home.

In the case that you have only owned your home for just a few years and haven’t been able to build a lot of equity, the real estate selling costs might likely be more than what you make from the sale of your home, costing you all the equity you built up over the years. Even if you have owned your home for a long time and have a lot of home equity, do you want to use it selling your home?

Fortunately, it?s not like it use to be and there are a lot more options for selling your property, and there on some ways for home sellers can keep more home equity in their pockets at closing.

There are possibilities for you to save thousands on realtor?s commissions when you sell your home without having to sacrifice on the quality of agent or the services provided by that agent.

You can save thousands on the sale of your home if you decide to work with a 1% commission realtor. It is needless to spend the thousands extra on real estate commissions using the service of typical agents that will charge you on AVG 6% in commissions to sell your home. Saving 5% is a big reason you need a 1% commission realtor to keep the most equity from your home sale.

Some people might think of the possibility selling their home without the use of a real estate agent to try to escape paying a realtor commission at all. They think they will save more while using the “For Sale By Owner” FSBO option, but they generally end up spending more time and energy than expected and often don’t get the top dollar for their property at closing.

Considering the FSBO option will let you save on agent fees, but will open you to other liabilities from legal paperwork, and maybe a lower selling price.

With the use of a 1% realtor, you can save 3-5% on real estate commissions. Let?s check out an example you can use to figure out how much you would save using a 1% realtor vs. 6% realtor. In case you want to sell a house worth $100,000. Using a 1% realtor for listing would cost $1000 while a 6% realtor cost $6000.

So for every $100,000 a property is worth, you would save $5000 using a 1 percent real estate agent verses the typical 6 percent agent.

$100,000 = $5000 savings

$200,000 = $10,000 savings

$300,000 = $15,000 savings

$400,000 = $20,000 savings

You can see the saving can add up to a lot of money. Research from the National Association of Realtors showed that the U.S median home price is $234,200. This implies average American home sellers get to save a whopping $11,710 from their home sale if the used the service of a 1% realtor vs. 6% realtor.

Other Benefits of A 1% Realtor

? 1% Realtors are trained and experienced with more knowledge than an average homeowner would possess about real estate transactions. They help you understand every process and can clearly explain to you.

? 1% Agents are experienced in market conditions and can achieve the highest selling price for the seller. They are aware that their commissions depend on the sales price, so they try their best to help you achieve the most from your home.

? 1% Realtors can easily market your home with their connections and multiple marketing channels.

? 1% Agent won?t just help you look for buyers, they help you negotiate with the buyer and the buyer?s agent.? 1% Realtors would fast-track the selling progress and get everything in place, if there are any problems.

All the above-mentioned services and others will be provided to you with the use of a NW Realty Magazine Partner 1% commission Realtor helping you save a large amount of money when selling your home.

If you decide to use a 1% realtor, you save $5000 for every $100,000 your house is worth. That would have been home equity lost to real estate commissions. A 1% realtor will save you a 100k if you are selling a house with a 2 million dollar price. If you want to save thousands on real estate transactions a 1% realtor is your best shot in almost every location irrespective of the properties selling price.

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