Sell your property for less than a 3% commission rate with a flat fee real estate broker. Save thousands of dollars on commissions and sell your realty for its top value with the help of a broker.


A flat fee real estate listing commonly known as the flat-fee multiple listing services (MLS)is a common practice in the real estate industry. When selling your home for a flat fee the seller engages into a kind of service agreement with a realtor, who agrees to a flat fee instead of the usual percentage charged on the sales price for the listing a property for sell.

There are flat-fee multiple listing services where all you get is your property listed on the MLS, you have to provide pictures and handle the whole deal, you are just getting the listing. The seller is also charged with taking photos of the property for MLS listing and also putting up signs. The seller handles all aspects of the sale deal from staging the home, attracting buyers; qualifying buyers;scheduling appointments; showing the home; taking an offer; negotiating price and terms; writing the contract and disclosures; coordinating inspections,financing,and title work; and keeping everything on track for closing.

 And then there is Broker Assisted Flat Fee Real Estate Listing services that provide the same level of services offered by a traditional real estate brokers, but without the 6% commission. To be exposed on the multiple listing services is the main objective of a flat-fee listing in real estate. The main objective of having a flat fee broker on your side is to get the best price for your home and have a broker to deal with sells process and buyer’s agents directly.

Benefits of Broker Assisted Flat Fee Real Estate Listing

Some of the benefits of a flat fee real estate listing with a broker included are:

Selling your home for a flat fee is very possible in today’s real estate market. All you need is a Flat Fee Realtor offering MLS listings coupled with additional services.

Thanks to a flat fee brokers, you can have the benefits of an agents services without the 6% commission. Real Estate Brokers are embracing technology and a modern sales process to provide an outstanding service for a flat fee. Before listing  your home, research all your options to make sure you are keeping as much of your homes equity as possible when selling. The best agents will ensure you get the best possible price for your property, and a flat fee agent will help you keep more of that money in your pocket.

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