Save thousands of dollars listing your house with a flat fee real estate broker. Why spend 3-6% commission selling your house when? you can sell it for a flat fee often thousands less than a 3% commission rate will cost.

A? flat fee real estate broker is a realtor who accepts a flat fee for selling properties rather than a percentage of the sale from the listing side of the transaction. The difference between flat fee real estate brokers and agents is the titles. A flat fee “broker” can work on his own, while and a flat fee “agent” must work under a registered broker and share the fee with their broker.

A flat-fee real estate broker or agent will list your home on MLS (Multi-listing service) for a flat fee, and provide varying level of services based on the listing agreement. Flat fee brokers offer you saving from40 to 70 percent off the traditional price of selling a home at a 6% commission.

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What services flat fee brokers provide?

It’s vital to be clear on what services are being offered to you by the flat-fee broker. For example, many flat-fee brokerages simply provide you with the ability to have an MLS (Multi-listing service. This means you are liable for photography, marketing performance, managing appointments, handling talks and negotiations, and completing the legal requirements.

There are some things to consider when you?re looking for a flat fee real estate broker:

? Is the flat fee broker only providing only a listing with no additional services.

? Does the flat fee brokerage focus only on limited services and MLS listings.

? Is the flat fee realtor providing the full services given by traditional brokers listing for6%.

There is almost no situation in which you will end up paying less than 2 percent to sell your home because most real estate transactions now have a sellers agent and buyers agent, and each agent receives commission paid by the seller most of the time. With one allowance, that would be if you were to list with a low commission brokerage that offered 1 percent or flat fee service and they were able to find a confident a buyer also. They would thus be representative of both seller and buyer in the transaction, a situation known as Dual Agency, or “dual agent” in the real-estate world.

The Best Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers

The best Flat fee Brokers offer sellers the ability to list their properties on a ?Multiple Listing Service,? which is used by real estate agents to get list homes for sell and offer buyers agents a portion of the sale if they bring a buyer. And provide a Flat Fee Agent that will help handle the process  of selling your house. Do you want to save thousands of dollars avoiding the traditional 6% commission rate? Do you think the traditional 6% commission for agents is just too much for selling your house, would like to keep 3-5% more of your homes equity when you sell? Then a Flat Fee Real Estate Broker might be the best choice for you.

The time of listing your house for sale for a 6% commission on your property?s value is over. Our real estate world changing, technology and the use of competitive markets, brokers are now messing with the traditional models, and this simply means big savings for sellers and buyers. The 6%commission rate for real estate agents has been pretty standard for decades,but then came the 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, and 1% offers from discount brokerages. And now, no commission is required from sellers or buyers, when you deal with a flat fee broker. A flat fee realtor or flat fee real estate agent has the ability to list your home for just a flat fee, helping you to save huge over of the traditional cost of selling your home.

Reach more buyers than FSBO

Those considering the for sale by owner (FSBO) option. These people should consider the flat fee MLS service to get more exposure for their home and probably a higher selling price. This option gets you more buyers then if you just used FSBO, in the flat fee MLS  listing method you are given the added benefit of a huge pool of buyers agents at your disposal. Bear in mind that using the MLS and offering the buyers commission does not necessarily mean you can?t sell your home to an unaffiliated buyer and keep that commission for yourself. A MLS listing with buyers agent commission is a way of playing both sides of the fence and having more assurance your house will sell for top dollar.

To get more exposure online and find more buyer?s you may want to offer 1-3% to the buyer agent.?This might seem like it defeats the purpose of selling a house for a flat fee, but you have to keep in mind that you are still saving on AVG 2-3%you would have paid to the listing agent. And another benefit is that you get the benefit of having the buyer?s agent help out with the sells process.? You might think this means the buyer’s agent will try to offer less on behalf of the buyer, but bear in mind the agent is still bound by rules, regulations, and morals codes. Also, the seller is most cases the one who is writing the check to the buyer’s agent.

When should I use a flat fee brokers service:

People that are selling a home should certainly consider a broker assisted flat-fee MLS service to get the most from the selling their home, especially if the property is worth more than $500,000. At a 500k selling price the money you could save with a flat fee listing ($3500 AVG) vs. the typical 6% commission ($30,000) is substantial. Would you want to save $26,500when selling your home? That’s a lot of equity, even if your house was selling for half of that!

Talking more about the best flat fee real estate brokers, they offer full services comparable or better than regular real estate brokers,but at a much lower cost. They charge on average $3,500 which includes the 3-D virtual tours, professional photography, staging assistance, home tours and listing on every major online platform. Here are some of the big things to look for in a flat fee real estate broker;

Selling your home for a flat fee is very possible.

All need to do is find a flat fee Realtor offering MLS listings coupled with additional services. With NW Realty Magazine, you can always find a flat fee broker when you need, should you want to save thousands!

Conclusion, thanks to flat fee brokers, a hand full of agents are now offer zero commission listing ?services. Many are embracing technology to aid modernize the process, which will intern provide an outstanding service and saving no matter the price of the home selling. Before selling your home talk with our qualified agents.

The real difference between discount MLS listings and full-service flat fee brokerages is in the marketing of your home and professional help in the sales process. From photography to online marketing and property elevation, the quality of these services can vary greatly between brokers. If you do decide to go the flat fee route, make sure you get easy to understand information about the listing agreement and services provided. NW Realty Magazine makes it easy to find flat fee brokers that offer the highest level of service, contact us to find one in your area.

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