Save thousands of dollars selling your house with a 1% commission realtor listing. Why spend an extra 2-5% when a one percent realtor will do the same job just as well.

The benefits of using a 1 % commission realtor listing to sell your house

Let me start by saying that the real estate market is changing. And if you have ever thought of selling your home without the help of a real estate agent or broker to save on the commission, then you had the best think again. FSBO means that you get to save on the listing commission when selling, but it also means a lot of paperwork for you and liabilities you may want to avoid.

I know FSBO is tempting, but have you asked yourself is it really a good move to make? The good thing is that there are way that allows you to save a lot selling your property using a 1 percent listing agent. And there are 1% Realtors that offer you the same benefits and service of typical commissioned agents.

If the answer to all the above questions are ??yes??, then you may not need an real estate agent, but should still have a lawyer’s help to protect yourself. Another mistake that most home owners make when selling their houses on their own is failing to get the max value for the house on today?s market. Or due to poor marketing and no buyers agent commission the house may languish for a long time on the market. And if it is for sale for a long time, some buyers may start thinking that there?s something wrong with it.

In most cases it makes most sense to choose to sell your house with an agent, and avoid having a hard time managing sales and coordinating the selling process. You may end up taking a loss greater than the saving of no commission. The best alternative is to use a 1% commission real estate agent to sell your house. At this point in time, more people are taking advantage of the benefits of using a 1 % commission real estate listing to sell their houses.

Advantages of using a 1% real estate agent

A good example of how much a 1% Realtor could save you is a house that sells for $300,000. 1% of this house is $3,000, 6% is $18,000. So by using a 1 percent real estate agent you would save $15,000 on commissions. Plus you will probably get a higher selling price with an agent then if you tried to sell without one.

In most of the cases, 1% is the lowest commission discount brokerages offer regardless of the homes sales price or zipcode.

According to the latest numbers from the National Association of Realtors the median US existing home price is $234,200. So every 1% commission you can save on your listing agreement would be $2,342 more dollars you get to keep from the sale of your house.

Although there are a couple advantages of selling your house with FSBO, there are lots of disadvantages that outweigh the advantages and that?s why people want to avoid paying the typical 5-6% commission  are tuning to low commission 1% real estate agents. There are many benefits of using a 1% real estate agent instead FSBO.

There are many Benefits of using a Low Commission Realtor to sell your property. Home sellers who are looking to for more financial gain from their real estate sale need to consider the option of using a low commission realtor.

Realtors who are offering their services for a low commission can prove to be beneficial for home sellers in a variety of ways,such as higher selling price than FSBO and saving thousands of dollars on the typical 5-6% commission rate.


Don?t lose money using a 5-6% commission agent and real estate broker. They usually charge a high commission to list your house and most times do not provide any additional benefits more than a good 1%commission realtor will give you. 6% realtors will say anything to convince you to pay a the higher listing commission and try to tell you reasons to stay away from selling with a low commission realtor, but you’ll be wasting money and throwing away home equity.

Save thousands of dollars when selling your property by working with low commission real estate agents recommended by NW Realty Magazine.

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